Meditation Incubator: Creative Mind, Business Mind

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“This has been incredibly effective in helping me be in closer touch to what excites and drives ME. I had to begin with finding the what/where/who before using it toward a certain goal. It helps me at this point identify goals and dreams, and I feel like I have a tool to reach these things with this process moving forward.”


Rhonda Schaller’s Meditation Incubator project at Pratt Institute is an online space and live workshop designed for participants to learn mindfulness, to learn to meditate, and to use visualization to deepen presence. Presence leads to flow, and tranquility and equanimity, and a holistic appreciation of life and career.

Survey data of participants in the Meditation Incubator have shown that 100% of participants feel less stressed, gained a greater clarity of mind, and feel more creative and able to set goals and take action steps due to the practices they learned. 94% reported the practices helped with their studio practice.

The Meditation Incubator is free for all matriculated Pratt students, alumni, faculty, and staff members. Community members outside of Pratt may participate for a fee. 

Registration is available for an in-person and online course. Participants registered in the in-person course are granted access to the online course resources.

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The Course at a Glance

Week 1:  Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices

Week 2: Mantra and Creative Visualization

Week 3: Meditation, Happiness and Wholeness

Week 4: Letting Go of Assumptions and Opening to your Meditation / Visualization Practice

Week 5: Mindfulness – Looking at the Choices you Make

Week 6: Awareness and Success

Week 7: Noting Practice and Creativity

Week 8: Mindfulness of Breathing as Flow

Week 9: Analytic Meditation – Process, Purpose and Choices

Week 10: Visioning in Action – Self as Prototype

To register for the Meditation Incubator and find out more about the program, visit the Meditation Incubator course website.