Office Services FAQs

Beginning August 2021, all CCPD services and events will be offered virtually, office walk-ins are welcome.
All appointments can be made via Pratt Pro. In-person appointments can be requested as needed.
Please look over our FAQs here. Check in with Back to Pratt for the latest from the Institute.

We want to welcome you to the start of a new semester. We are so excited to meet you and work with you!

Quick questions? Are you in a different time zone, and need to make an appointment outside of our NYC hours? Call during our office hours for inquiries and help with making appointments!

Hours:        Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
Phone:        718-636-3506
Locations:  Brooklyn: East Building, Room 001
                     Manhattan: Room 706F

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions about the CCPD:


How do I consult with someone about my job search/career strategy?
We are continuing to offer support for your career development in our appointments (of every variety) via Zoom, Google Hangouts (video) or by phone. There will be no in-person appointments.

How do I meet with someone about my resume/cover letter/portfolio?
You can make an appointment on We would ask that you email your resume/cover letter/portfolio link to the career counselor beforehand so you both can review it together.

Are you still holding drop-in appointments for resumes/cover letters?
Our drop-in appointment schedule will be updated at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester. Please check back for more information.

Internships (for Students)

Can someone help me find an internship?
Absolutely. Please take a look at the Internship Program website first, especially if you are interested in pursuing an internship for credit. The Academic Internship Guide will give you step by step directions. Then, schedule an appointment through and we look forward to helping you on your internship search.

On-Campus Employment (for Students)

How do I find a job on-campus or remotely for the Fall semester?
Openings for on-campus jobs are posted to the Pratt Jobs website. These positions are posted on a rolling basis, meaning that when a position becomes available, the department will post the vacancy on this website. Please keep checking, as positions become available all throughout the semester and often through the summer. Unfortunately the demand for on-campus jobs is larger than the number of openings.


How can the CCPD help me with my upcoming interview?
The best way of all to prepare for a video or regular internship/job interview is to make an appointment to have a mock interview with a career counselor at the CCPD. Please schedule an appointment with us on It is a great way to practice, get the nerves out, as well as receive helpful advice from experienced professionals focused on helping you!

This Article* from themuse has some really great tips (We recognize and apologize for the gendered language. The overall suggestions in the article are helpful.)

Since many of us are currently communicating virtually and especially while professionally communicating (such as during a video interview) it is important not only to answer thoughtfully but also look your professional best. Here are 11 tips to consider for looking your best on video calls.

Here is another article from about best practices for video interviewing as well as a quick video on the subject.

Job Search

What can I do right now in regards to my professional development and job search?
The first thing you can do is schedule an appointment with a career advisor on to discuss your career interests, your job search, and how to maximize your experience in your resume/cover letter/portfolio.

Take a look at the CCPD’s Web Resources for job search information, including major and industry-specific job search websites.

Use online tools such as LinkedIn’s Alumni tool to connect to Pratt Alumni in your field of interest.


What resources do you have for freelancers?
The Freelancers Union has compiled a list of what freelancers need to know about the coronavirus (most recently updated on March 23.)
Here is an aggregated list of free resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines.

If you own a small business, the U.S. Small Business Association has information on Disaster Loan Assistance.

The New York State Department of Labor has information for Independent Contractors on unemployment insurance (UI) benefits here.


How can I create a community of creatives at Pratt and online?
During these times of physical distancing it’s still possible to be social, and building both a professional and social online community is more important than ever.

While at Pratt, you will explore many academic opportunities that will shape your identity and career path. By getting involved you will gain valuable skills that will enhance your personal and professional development.

To find the most current listing of student organizations and club sponsored events at Pratt, sign in to Engage with your one key. Clubs and organizations will look for new members throughout the school year. If you don’t see something of interest contact Student Government Association or Student Involvement and they will assist you in finding your fit at Pratt.

Here are some articles about online friendships:

How to make friends online without coming across as creepy
How I made meaningful friendships on the internet

In today’s world it’s easier than ever to stay connected to your network. Check out some suggestions for keeping in-touch. Don’t forget to check up on your professional networks to see if they have anything planned! (Check out CCPD’s Web Resources for possible organizations)

Online video games are a great way to connect to people virtually. Discord is filled with online communities of people with various interests. Even if a group isn’t directly related to your career, you can often make friends and other connections through shared hobbies/interests.

Life Coaching (for Alumni)

Are you ready to identify your goals and map a plan to reach them?
Are you ready to hold yourself accountable to accomplish the personal, professional, financial, and creative life you desire and envision for yourself?
Do you want to know your core values and have a better understanding of what may presently be getting in the way of you accomplishing projects, or living a healthier life, developing deeper relationships and basically living your best life?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Life Coaching may be what you are looking for rather than counseling or therapy. Life Coaching is about you in the present and where you want to be in the near and distant future.

If you are interested in exploring the process of Life Coaching then please log on to and register for a session. Please reach out to Deborah with any questions.

Career Strategy

Clarify what types of jobs you are seeking, what tools and resources to utilize, how to network appropriately. This strategy session is akin to a consulting appointment for exploring your career search with full effort. Expect to be assigned tasks such as informational interviewing, rewriting your cover letter, or exploring related fields.

Career Related Self Development Assessments

What do you offer that can help me with my job search, self understanding and interpersonal skills?
What better use of extra time you may have than focusing on self development and our center offers time proven tools to help with a deeper understanding of the dynamic and fascinating being that you are! We have career counselors certified in some of the most used and tested assessments related to career development out there who can walk you through your results often leading to a deeper understanding of your strengths, how you are energized, and how that might influence your career decision making and much more.

You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. The way we use it as simply another tool to help you gain further vocabulary for self understanding. The main MBTI blog does a great job of explaining its application in career development:

“In a nutshell, the MBTI tool provides a great deal of insight into how we’re likely to think, act and interact in a particular work environment–making it useful in career selection–but it isn’t designed to predict how we’ll perform within that environment, making its use in hiring selection inappropriate.” (*from CCP)

Schedule an appointment with Carl or Mackenzie to discuss your Myers-Briggs type using 16Personalities.

Clifton Strengths
Clifton Strengths for Students will give you suggestions for developing and using your strengths in college and in the “real” world. If you understand and apply your strengths, your college journey — and the rest of your life — will be happier, more fulfilling and more successful. When you do more of what you do best, you build your life around your areas of strength.

Schedule an appointment with Mackenzie to discover your strengths and learn how to use them to thrive, using Clifton Strengths.

Recently Graduated Students

For an updated list of events, please visit the events section on or view our Events Calendar.

First Destination Graduate Survey
Your Graduate Survey responses keep us informed on the best ways that we can support our alumni and where to place our resources.

Request your personal Grad Survey Link

Our Signature Programs

All of our signature programs are running this Fall virtually! All are welcome.

Ignition Lab
The Ignition Lab is an experiential learning program for Pratt’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Click here to learn more.

Meditation Incubator
The Meditation Incubator at Pratt Institute is an online space and live workshop for faculty, students, alumni and staff to learn to meditate and use visualization to deepen presence in creativity, enhance emotional intelligence, and articulate a success action plan that they define. Click here to learn more.

Mindful Pratt
Mindful Pratt centralizes information about Mindfulness & Contemplative Practice programs happening at Pratt Institute overseen by the Mindfulness Initiatives in Student Affairs Committee. Check out our website for more information.

Mindful Pratt hosts daily virtual Meditation and Contemplative Practice sessions you can engage with on a drop-in basis.

Breath Breaks
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 12:30 – 1 PM
Wednesday: 1 – 1:30 PM
Join via Zoom

Meditate with Me
Fridays 8:30 – 9:15 AM
Join via Zoom

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers U.S. citizens a year-long opportunity to pursue their academic and artistic interests in a foreign country after graduation. Each year, the Institute of International Education (IIE) awards approximately 1,900 Fulbright grants in over 140 countries. The grants are decided by the Fulbright Review Committee, and are allocated based on project feasibility and the candidate’s ability to serve as a cultural ambassador in a foreign country. Click here to find out more.

Resilience, Wellness and Wellbeing
This project focuses on connection, engagement, support, and well-being. It highlights departmental programs and the cross institute leadership that provides the inspiration and support for existing and new initiatives, and serves as a resource for everyone seeking to improve individual and community resilience, wellness and well-being.

Find more about the project on our website and stay up to date on all health related events via our Wellness Calendar.