THE ALUMNI DIARIES: A Year in the Life of Recent Alumni

A year ago the CCPD invited graduates from the class of 2014 to participate in a series of focus groups. Having just achieved a significant accomplishment, we were interested in knowing what was happening. How was their career shaping up? What prospects were on the horizon? What unexpected challenges were popping up and how were they overcoming them? What could we do help them?

We heard from many that they felt isolated and hoped they could find more support from a community of their peers. Participants often said they just wished they had someone they could have shared the experiences they were going through while still at Pratt. Because although every student spends their last year enhancing their resume and writing cover letters to apply to dozens of jobs, they are also attending classes and submitting homework, and working on thesis projects, and working a part-time job or an internship, and… And there’s no time to pause to talk to a classmate or a roommate about their career plans.

We thought this blog could be a place to help students and recent graduates share and build a community. We have enlisted a few recent graduates to launch a new series, THE ALUMNI DIARIES. Over the next year, five alumni from the class of 2015 are going to blog about their first year’s journey as newly minted Pratt graduates. They will share what they experienced before graduation as they were preparing to launch their professional lives. I hope you’ll follow along with them as they encounter new opportunities, obstacles, and successes.

Starting next week, if you are feeling the same isolation or lack of support in your career development, turn to The Alumni Diaries for a bit of comfort and wisdom.


EmilyCrouchEmily Crouch
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Raised having “Madame Librarian” sung to me constantly by my family, I was essentially doomed to become a librarian since the beginning. After receiving my BA in History from Coe College in 2012, I began to look for the perfect MLIS degree program, and found Pratt. January 2013 saw me moving from Kansas City, Missouri, to New York, a (very cold) bundle of nerves, excitement, and that wonderful, shiny “I’m-going-to-learn-EVERYTHING” feeling you have on your first day of school (or maybe that feeling was just me). A whirlwind two years later saw me completing the final course in the MLIS program and, with a bittersweet ending, moving back to Kansas City. February of 2015, I joined the reference staff at Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology, where I’m actively searching for hidden books on time travel.

Outside of work (and sometimes at work), I’m a massive Marvel and comic fan. I love dragon boat racing, Ray Bradbury & JRR Tolkien, singing, & playing my cello. Week nights will find me at music rehearsals, book club, or bar trivia with said book club.

JuanCarlosEspinosaCuokJuan Carlos Espinosa Cuock

A Mexican in New York. Architect, Graphic Artist, Writer and Researcher based in Brooklyn. He currently works as Researcher in Output Foundation, and soon as Editor Assistant for the Center for Social Sciences, Cultural Studies and Philosophy of Pratt Institute. He is also a Blogger for the Center for Career& Professional Development. His recent work focuses on the theme of Resilience, Emergency and Reactive forms.

EmmaKayeEmma Kaye
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Emma was born in Brooklyn, raised in Connecticut and has been living in NYC since 2012. At Pratt, she graduated in fall of 2014 with a BFA in Art History. While at Pratt she explored many areas artistically and intellectually, and ended up focusing heavily on Ceramics in her last two years. Since graduating, she has focused on music, songwriting, and collecting winter jackets.

MaeveNortonMaeve Norton
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Maeve is a Boston-born illustrator, designer and hand-letterer who currently resides in Brooklyn. Since graduation, Maeve has been freelancing and was signed to an agent to promote her children’s books. Projects she has worked on include book covers, illustrations for an animated children’s show, hand-lettering for a new app, and invitations for a fundraiser.  Aside from freelancing, she is a co-founder of an all female artist collective called FemFoundry that was born in the studios of ComD.

SayakaUenoSayaka Ueno
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Sayaka was born in Japan, raised in Hawai’i and currently lives in New York City. She graduated in May of 2015 from the Communications Design department with an emphasis in Art Direction and a minor in Media Studies. With a positive and conscientious attitude, she keeps herself busy with design work and various artistic ventures. When she’s not by her computer, you can find her out in the lineup, surfing.

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